Why this site

This site was born due my needed to made a place where i can collect my past projects, to have a history of the projects carried out, to make available to others ideas and leave a sign for new opportunities.

What there is in this site

In this site you can find almost all the projects made for organizations, clubs, sports groups or similar that needed to make new logos or (very often) personalized t-shirts for a singular event.

What there isn’t in this site

In addition to this small graphic works, i made different web sites based on the cms joomla! or Redaxo. I don't put here any links to web sites that I made, because usually i leave the management of the site to the owner, so I'm not responsible for the content.

I made web sites for ski-clubs and scuba diving-club, for farmhouses and educational farms, for residences and hotels, for warehouses and environmental requalification companies and also for "interreg" projects. 

But at the end, who i am?

Nobody. Or better, someone who do this only as an hobby, when the weather don’t allow me to go out to climb, to do potholing (speleology),to dive or to hiking.
Perhaps I’m simply one like many.

Are you interested in some of my project?

Contact me at any time clicking here.


Thanks in any case to all those who has waste time visiting this website.

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